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Haemostatix's innovative technology platform is based upon a specific peptide sequence that binds to fibrinogen - a protein essential to the formation of clots. The peptide can be coupled to different forms of soluble or solid carriers to create both topical and systemic haemostats.

Haemostatix's topical haemostat, PeproStat, is composed of multiple peptides coupled to a soluble carrier, thus forming a highly active fibrinogen-binding site. When applied directly to blood, the product polymerises fibrinogen to form a fibrin-like clot, without the need for thrombin. It can also be added to purified fibrinogen to form an exogenous clot or 'seal' over a wound. This new mode of action, based on peptide:protein recognition, is very rapid and effective, and has been demonstrated in numerous pre-clinical surgical haemostasis models and a clinical trial in liver surgery patients. More...

Key facts about Haemostatix's technology

  • Based on a peptide that binds fibrinogen
  • Targets clotting material to a wound site
  • Patents pending and granted
  • Topical formulations