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Haemostatix has developed a new class of peptide based coagulant, or "haemostat", for the control of bleeding. The company has pioneered a new approach to haemostasis that is based on a peptide that binds to the protein fibrinogen, inducing the rapid and targeted formation of clots. This innovative technology platform is being used to develop a pipeline of topical products to treat surgical bleeding with further applications in tissue repair and regenerative medicine.

The haemostat market is worth $2.5billion and is expanding globally at 6-8% per annum. Growth in several market segments, and emerging economies has exceeded 10% per annum. The market leader is blood derived thrombin, a relatively fragile molecule requiring storage in a dry or frozen form. Haemostatix's peptide-based coagulants are blood-free, have greater stability enabling the formulation of ready-to-use liquids and gels, and have a mode of action that is faster than thrombin-mediated clotting. Haemostatix's pipeline includes:

PeproStat™ Liquid, a topical liquid haemostat that is applied to wounds to control bleeding during surgery. PeproStat has a novel mode of action that is fast and effective. The peptide-based coagulant is manufactured from blood-free components and is formulated as a ready-to-use solution, to be used with commercially available resorbable sponges. Current products are typically blood-derived and often require re-constitution or thawing prior to use. PeproStat™ Liquid has been successfully evaluated in a clinical trial at four hospitals in the UK, following authorisation from the MHRA. The trial was in liver surgery patients and generated both safety and efficacy data. A Phase II trial at 30 sites across Europe has commenced and involves 120 patients in 3 surgical indications.

HXP12 ReadyFlow™, a flowable gel-based haemostat that is applied with a syringe and nozzle enabling less accessible wounds to be treated, as well as wounds with uneven surfaces. HXP12 ReadyFlow is composed of a heat-stable peptide active substance mixed with a transparent particulate gel and pre-filled in a ready-to-use syringe. Current products in this rapidly expanding market segment require 8 preparation steps prior to use, are blood derived, and opaque, obscuring the wound site. HXP12 ReadyFlow won first prize in the pan European Emerging Technology Competition run by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Haemostatix Ltd is based at Biocity Nottingham, UK and is a subsidiary of Ergomed plc (LSE AIM listed ERGO)



23rd May 2016 - Ergomed plc (LSE AIM: ERGO) announces acquisition of Haemostatix Ltd.
Ergomed is a profitable UK-based group dedicated to the provision of specialised services to the pharmaceutical industry and the development of new drugs. Miroslav Reljanovic MD, Chief Executive Officer of Ergomed plc, said: "The Haemostatix acquisition provides an opportunity to advance the co-development part of our growth strategy through the development of our first wholly-owned development programme. We have confidence from the current preclinical and clinical data that the Haemostatix technology works as an effective haemostat. This, combined with the rapid development and attractive market size, means the acquisition offers great upside potential for Ergomed."

Ben Nichols, Chief Executive Officer of Haemostatix, commented: "I am delighted to be working with Ergomed. With the deep expertise of Ergomed's clinical development team and its global infrastructure, I believe we can accelerate Haemostatix's development programmes for the benefit of all stakeholders. PeproStat and ReadyFlow are both innovative products that have the potential to capture a meaningful share of a $2.5 billion-plus global market."

September 2015 - Haemostatix announces successful completion of proof of concept clinical trial of PeproStat Liquid in liver surgery patients.
The clinical trial was carried out by four UK hospitals and generated safety and efficacy data in 20 patients undergoing liver resections. The human trial data support the extensive pre-clinical studies indicating a rapid and effective mode of action, alongside the benefits of ease of use and blood-free composition. PeproStat is composed of a peptide-based coagulant formulated in a ready-to-use solution. A further round of investment was made by share-holders on completion of the trial.